The Marriage Whisperer: Book and Playing Cards

The Marriage Whisperer

Written by Dr. Patt, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and certified coach, this reader-friendly, self-help book delivers 70 no-jargon short stories about couples with typical problems. After each story, the author provides emotional intelligence tips and a variety of practical tools for solutions. 

This book is supported by Dr. Patt’s formal education and 20+ years of professional experience but inspired by over 10,000 conversations. Written with humor and in a conversational style, stories get right to the point. For example, in story #1, Cleo annoys Patrick with too many questions and in #19, Elmer and Sue struggle with chores. Other topics include arguments, apologies, sex, affection, communication, and emotional cheating. 

As a bonus, The Marriage Whisperer is enriched by providing relationship self-help in easy-to-use formats which are presented as checklists, exercises, charts, and questionaires, with catchy soundbites in sidebars. One popular example is "Relationships are not about being right." Several stories illustrate application of this tip. 

The Marriage Whisperer is published by MSI Press, a traditional publisher located in California. This book is available in paperback and as an e-book.

Five seconds of Today Show fame for 
The Marriage Whisperer!

The Marriage Whisperer Challenge 
is a deck of playing cards with a tip
from the book on each card.


Pick a card, any card!

Watch one way to start your relationship conversation 
with the Marraige Whisperer Challenge cards. 



1. GOLD MEDAL in the IPPY Book Awards-Marriage, 


2. BOOK OF THE MONTH by the Midwest Review on 

   The Marriage Shelf

3. RECOMMENDATION from the US Review of Books

4. JUDGES' RATING AVERAGED 9.4 on a full scale of 10--

    IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards.

WHAT EXPERTS SAY ABOUT  THE MARRIAGE WHISPERER: " As a pastor and marriage and family therapist, I'm always on the hunt for resources to help couples. Dr. Pickett's book,  The Marriage Whisperer, is that resource...A fabulous resource!"  Reverand Bryan R. Salminen, Ph.D. "I was impressed by the range and depth of the material." Harry J. Aponte, MSW, LCSW,LMFT, Drexel University,  Multiple Award Recipient including Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Marriage and Family Therapy Excerpts from The Library Thing Reviewers:

  • A practical and enjoyable book, definitely worth a read & sharing with your partner and friends.
  • ...this book (is) full of realistic and useful concepts presented in a pragmatic and well-written fashion. I (felt) like I was talking to a    good friend.
  • ...the nuggets of advice may also apply to parent/child relationships... I especially found the chapters on communication and disagreements... easy to understand.
  • ...the well-balanced descriptions can help couples develop non-judgmental ways of describing their own and another's behaviors in a way that is clear and helpful.
  • The numerous examples and very quick discussions have already made this a great book for "quick pickup" reading...
  • This book is practical and real... I would recommend this book to anyone in a long-term relationship (and)... for those in crisis.
  • An easy read. Excellent relationship topics.


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