Session Description and Fees

As the client/consumer of therapy/counseling, you judge the value for you of the services you receive. However, all therapy services offer different levels of care, according to which provider you choose. The academic background, experience, and provider fit each play a role in the value of the services offered.  Here’s a summary of what is offered and available as a resource in your session when you choose Dr. Patt:

  1. All sessions are with Dr. Patt Hollinger Pickett, LMFT, LPC, SEICC, CSACII-Emeritus, MEd, PhD. Dr. Patt underscores the value of a client-therapist fit
  2. Dr. Patt is a Licensed Marriuage & Family Therapist which means she has specialized training and has meet the rigid professional standards for licensure and for Clinical Membership in the proofessional organization the American Association for Marriage & Familt Therapists. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor.
  3. Each reserved session is forty-five minutes of in-person conversation. (Phone sessions for Missouri clients can be arranged. See below for information about interstate phone services.)
  4. You receive the benefit of Dr. Patt’s solid academic coursework and mental health training.  She earned her Master’s degree at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and her doctorate at Saint Louis University.  
  5. The wisdom and insight she brings to each session has been gained from over 25 years of professional experience and during 10,000+ conversations.
  6. You will receive Dr. Patt’s full and undivided attention to work on the topics YOU choose. The agenda is yours.
  7. Together as a team, you will work with Dr. Patt to generate options for change.
  8. Dr. Patt will guide and support you if you are experiencing an emotional downturn.
  9. Dr. Patt’s professional career has covered an expansive depth of topics.
  10. Dr. Patt will offer you respectful challenges to your thinking and choices as thought to be beneficial for you.
  11. BUT, you are in full charge of your choices. You will not be given any specific “advice” which is what Dr. Patt considers to be telling you what to do. You will not be told what to do.
  12. Dr. Patt can not guarantee that you will change, but she will provide her unique tools and guidance while supporting your motivation and persistence to succeed.


 FEE STRUCTURES/REFUNDS                                       

1. $135 per one (1) 45 minute session is the basic single session rate due and payable at each session  

2. COMMITMENT TO A MULTIPLE SESSION PROGRAM/BUNDLED RATE: Cient(s) who commit to attend FOUR (4) 45 minute sessions are billed at $135 for each of their FIRST THREE SESSIONS and then the FOURTH SESSION IS BILLED AT $35.00. The total of $440 must be pre-paid and is due before or at the conclusion of the first session. (The 4-session commitment represents a savings for the client of $100 over the single session commitment fee of $135/session.) 

3. This 4-session commitment may be broken after any session and for any reason at which time all session fees remain billed at the single session rate of $135 with the refund amount calculated accordingly. Refunds for cash payments will be made in 7 business days. Refunds for check/credit card payments will be made in 7 business days after payment is credited. 

Emotional Intelligence Testing, Assessment, and EQ/Relationship Coaching


 Services Outside of Missouri 

  •   For information about interstate telephone therapy, please contact Dr. Patt and a determination will be made as to whether your state statutes allow therapy across state lines with a provider who is not licensed in your state.
  •  Coaching is not licensed and is not regulated as are therapy services. Telephone coaching across state lines is permitted. Contact us for more information about coaching services provided by Dr. Patt. (Coaching is not covered by insurance.)
  • If you are uncertain about whether you need therapy or coaching, check herefor a description of the differences. 


Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Out-of-Network Insurance, & Other Benefits 

After over 20 years in partnership with the contracted managed healthcare system, Dr. Patt opted out of participation in managed care and insurance contracts She has adopted a business model combination of private pay and maintaining her eligibility for out-of-networks benefits by remaining an active part of a national provider registries . Dr. Patt continues her participation in the "NPI" and "CAQH" systems for verification and updating of professional licenses and insurance, along with other credentials which then may facilitate HSA application of funds, clients applying for insurance reimbursement through any out-of-network insurance benefits and other resources that may apply. 

Clients willing to commit to a multiple session-program may qualify for a reduced fee. 


 Other Services

Coaching, consulting, workshops, presentations and emotional intelligence services are offered through the St. Louis Emotional Intelligence Center.


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