St. Louis Emotional Intelligence Center for             Testing & Development (STLEIC)

                   As a small business, at STLEIC we provide the full range of mental health and wellness services,                                                                 which  includes therapy/counseling, coaching, consulting,emotional intelligence (EQ) workshops, EQ testing, business training, and couples’ classes. 


There are two methods of paying for our therapy/counseling services.

Health Insurance and Self-Pay/Out-of-Pocket: Our therapy/counseling clients have the choice of filing a claim for health insurance benefits eligibility or they can self-pay (*out-of-pocket).

Why We Stopped Participating in Managed Care company contracts after 25 years:

We knew we needed to change our business model. Our overhead and expenses were rising while our reimbursement for counseling services as a contracted in-network provider for managed care insurance companies remained FLAT.  These reimbursement rates are fully determined and fixed by managed care companies. We had no voice. 

 As I completed more training and earning additional certifications and gained many more years of experience  (decades in my case), my services to clients gained enriched benefits which i provided to my  clients. The Managed Care companies did not respected the "added value of my services I brought to clients through any increase in reimbursement. for us. In some cases, my fixed reimbursement rates even decreased.  

After over 25 years of professional service, I had not even seen a cost of living increase. 

We accomplished our business-balancing goals and established fair and affordable fees for services. We maintain our qualifications on the record so that you can file and may receive insurance reimbursement for our fees if you have eligible benefits for our services. 

Our therapy/counseling clients have the choice of filing a claim for health insurance benefits eligibility or self-pay (*out-of-pocket). 


We keep our qualifications up-to-date for eligible insurance coverage of our counseling services by many companies through the national registration list (NPI) described below. We know that most therapy clients have health insurance  and may prefer to use it.

We have taken this step to help our clients who want to try to utilize their eligible insurance benefits.         


  • To stay on this list with her NPI number, Dr. Patt  quarterly updates and document address and credentials.
  • She supplies her valid/current professional state license and professional liability insurance, which is important information for you to know.
  • Your insurance company can go to identify through this nationally recognized resource.
  • Dr. Patt’s NPI# is 1427 1251 03.


This is the desired payment method for many clients. We charge a flat fee for each 45-minute session with no added fee if a spouse, partner, significant other, child, or other family member(s) also attends with the primary client. (As rates can change, contact us for current fees and options.)

We invite you to inquire directly about additional payment options  and bundled pre-paid services that may be available for clients who self-pay.

Why do many clients self-pay for Dr. Patt’s services?

With due respect to and exception for the experienced and skilled providers who still choose to participate in Managed Care contracts (some of whom are my esteemed colleagues), you may "get what you pay for" (or less) when you have limited options of providers when you use managed care. for mental health services.

There are distinct reasons my clients self-pay for MY professional services:

  • Some clients with insurance self-pay because they want to preserve their privacy. They prefer not to have a mental health service on their medical records with the required mental health diagnosis. This is the choice of a number of people who consider themselves in “sensitive” positions—personal or employment.
  • Others are unable to find skilled, highly qualified, and well- experienced providers listed in their insurance networks who meet their needs and with whom they feel they have a “fit”. They make it a priority to use discretionary funds for their important mental health and wellness needs. Instead of spending those dollars elsewhere, clients choose Dr. Patt’s professional services and self-pay.
  • Clients who research many therapists before selecting one, often find Dr. Patt’s great credentials, lengthy experience and unique approach to be “just-the-right fit” for them. The question of insurance reimbursement becomes a secondary concern or not a consideration at all. High quality professionalism and that “fit” are their top criteria to take care of their mental health and wellness needs.
  • Dr. Patt feels honored that her clients, family, friends and colleagues often refer their family, friends, and co-workers to her for counseling services. The strength of their referrals makes insurance reimbursement a “non-issue” for those they refer to Dr. Patt.
  • Many former clients came to Dr. Patt and paid only a co-pay when she was an in-network managed care insurance contractor and have returned for her services. They now self-pay and  explain why they do. 
  • Paraphrasing, here are the frequent reasons offered: 

                                                                                          **We have a great fit."

                                                         **Many counselors I tried  in my insurance seldom talked much.                                                                           They only listened and asked how I felt."

                                           **I found that you often get what you pay for."

**I learned more from Dr. Patt in one session than I did from others in many visits."

                                     **Dr. Patt helped me think of things in ways I never had before.

                      **When Dr. Patt dropped managed care insurance, I stopped coming to her because I wanted to save money. I saw several providers in my insurance plan  for my $25 co-pay but did not accomplish anything with them.  I am back to see her. Dr. Patt is worth the money.

**Dr. Patt is sensitive, funny, and gets right to the point. 


I am not the most expensive therapist “on-the-block” by any stretch.

BUT I am among the least expensive compared to what I bring to the session through my strong credentials, lengthy experience, and my outside-the-box approach.

Consider what you spend  for personal services such as hair care, fitness training, massage, nail salon, and recreational expenses. How does your mental health and wellness stack up as a priority?

I ask you to consider my services.

Check me out, call me, and decide for YOURSELF whether we have that “fit” you want and if the services I provide are worth YOUR time and money.

                                         Have questions? Call me at 314-250-8114 OR 877-HireCoach (447 -3262 for a 10 or 15-minute phone consult for answers about our "fit".


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