Non-profit Speaking

                          FUND-RAISING OPPORTUNITY                          FOR NON-PROFIT GROUPS

I like to teach. I support the power of INFORMATION AND EDUCATION. I passionately believe that people value receiving information and education more when they have some skin-in-the-game.

This is why I do not present for free---even to non-profit groups. Instead, I work with non-profits to deliver education with a fund-raising agreement which includes a nominal honorarium. There are 2 types of format presentations that I offer for fund-raising:

  1. 30-minute presentation for large groups (minimum 50 attendees) with a 15- minute Q&A following the talk;
  2. 90-minute interactive workshop (minimum 10 minimum couples/max 20 couples) with written assessments and small group breakouts.

I have been in private professional practice for over 25 years in the St. Louis Metro area as a state licensed mental wellness expert and author. I guide my clients to enriched personal development and specialize in relationships and emotional intelligence (EQ).  I am the traditionally published author of the multi-award winning book, The Marriage Whisperer: Tips to Improve Your Relationship Overnight and the recommended Awesome Couple Communication.

Please contact me to set up a meeting to determine your group’s needs and how we can team up to develop a fund-raising event focused on metal health and wellness education topics such as relationships, family and emotional intelligence. Please note that I offer a limited number of fund-raising events per year. I encourage you to contact me in the earliest stages of your planning.


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