Open Update on Dr. Patt’s Progress and Recovery

My Enthusiastic Hello to ALL!.

Many of our paths have crossed in the past and others of you do not know me ---yet. To ALL, I am offering  an exciting update on what I am up to these days--MY COMEBACK!

I am returning soon from about a year of medical sabbatical. Complex story shortened, I needed to devote time to recover physically and mentally from a simple and necessary eye surgery which traumatically left me with no functional vision in my right eye. My vision loss is permanent and has been devastating.

My great announcement contrary to any assumption, expectation, or rumor is ----I AM REWIRING and NOT retiring.

My recovery story  is summarized by my purchase of a Frida Kahlo T-shirt. (She was a famous Mexican painter). Frida had crippling polio, a leg amputated, and was known to attend her own art shows in a wheel chair. Who knew simple activity --- buying a $14.99 shirt at a big box store--- would contribute  inspiration to my recovery? Who discovers inspiration on a shirt price tag?  I did. Here is the quote from Frida  printed on the tag:

“Feet, what do I need them for if I have wings to fly?”

My mind instantly embraced inspiration and I thought:

“Eyes, who needs two of them when I have deep inner vision to help others find their inspiration?”

Consider how I might help you find your inspiration within your life to enrich satisfaction (goals, relationships, emotional intelligence, and more).

While I am not at full steam to return to providing services, I am preparing a free newsletter/blog  to share with you which I will be releasing soon as a part of my recovery.

Written by me, Dr, Patt, WiseAce360 is free and will provide you with a surprising blend of zippy snark and uncanny wisdom  to fire up your day and goals. I invite you to sign-up with your preferred e-mail so that I can send you WiseAce360 to send you tips and keep you updated on my return to offering coaching, consultation, education, and therapy. I am developing more services to inspire others and will let you know when they are completed and available.

Please request in the contact section that you would like to be on my mailing list for WiseAce360. Hoping to talk to you soon through WiseAce360!

My Best Wishes that YOU lead an inspired life!

Dr. Patt

PS: I will be updating this website as fast as I am able. Revision is a bear---- but it will happen! Meanwhile, check out the tips and my progress and get updates on WiseAce360.

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